Monday, December 10, 2012

Minum bicara gitar

Hisap rokok, hisap curut
Minum bicara gitar sampai pagi.
Angin tiup, nyamuk gigit
Sampai pagi
Sampai pagi
Sampai pergi


It has been exactly 1 year since my last update.

You played on your old cds and those songs playing
Your veins shrunk a bit when it came to the bridge
Leaving you in a state of blunderness

The salty smell came across your mind,
The wind fanning both of you and your bare foots

The last moment
That last wave and hug
Hug and shrug,
You have to let go with the most heavy feeling
Too hard it is too hard
To leave and to walk away
To remain in the familiarity
But this time without the laughter and the beautiful eyes
Of the other you
The other you from the other side of the world

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Original sin

It is in the smoky eyes that she found a place

A place she approved on the harmony that she recognized

A warm feeling that melted the hollow iceberg crusting the heart

That had awaken the spirit which has died a long time before

A unite of pact that happen on undefined indulgence

An indulgence of original compassion

A sweetness evenly upswing by two poles apart souls

Which led to the original sin

But time is arrogant of the power it possessed

Isolation is an obligation

To keep what is grasped before

To hold to the devotion

Even though devastation of passion is waiting ahead...

Friday, November 18, 2011


I walk to the graveyard, dig a dark pit, throw the sorry away and bury the worry down under. Still my heart, walk tall and just deal with it because honey we ain't got much time left...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Most Sincere Scenery

There is a moment in your life,

Where the sun shines the brightest,

The wind passes the most gracious

The birds chirp most beautifully that made you dance, dance, dance

Everylittle bit of the sand of the beach

As smooth as velvet you step on

Every word articulated

Linked as the most beautiful poem you have ever been a fan of

Poem you never heard you forgot about Shakespeare’s.

Looking through eyes, the most sincere scenery

Your heart thumps to the rhythm of togetherness

You feel the affection in every vein

That made you feel like you’re the most beautiful spirit alive.

Everything is too beautiful you forgot how it started,

But you just don’t care

You want to live 1000 more years.

Monday, July 18, 2011


* I noticed that I only writes when complexities attack.

Walked to the kitchen lazily
Switched on the light, drank a glass of milk,
Switched off the light and the light turned off in a blink of an aye
...and I remembered something
Something something
Rage, anger, of the past few weeks..

That's not me, that's someone else
Or something else.....
God, absolve me for I have sinned
God, please,,, I felt infected
Down on my knees, I know You are there
Please don't quit on me
You know your bless is a bliss for me

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hold You

Effortless is when you laugh and look good.
Delicate is when you do the things you do.
Caress is when you look into my eyes.
Heart break is when I really have to be far from you.
I love you

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Flipping through pages of the books of the subjects that I once took made me realized something. If I could see the topics like how I see it now, it would be easier. Wish that I could turn back the time and really understand all the subjects. It is not that I regret, but I think I have reached the age of wanting to really know about things and not ignore certain things like those that I used to do. I am now eager to know the real process from the early stage and sincere to understand things not because of grades. Yes, the difficulty level is still the same. However, with experience, I can try with different approach. Know how to tackle the problem with knowing my lacks. Sometimes, it is not about good grades. But sometimes, it is.

God Bless You

I desire you to be the best
Regular as the rest
Hectic with your momentous year
Have fun, do the soccer
Scold your brother
Do the laundry
Watch the movie
I don’t know! Come back you dreary

Oh how I wish I have all the patience in the humankind
God bless you